Stay in Touch with a Military VPN

An armed forces VPN allows you to stay in touch with family and friends and communicate while stationed abroad. With an army VPN, you'll be able to communicate with those back home by email, through your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, through video conference and using VOIP services like Skype.

Protect your Privacy and Security in Any Country

While serving in the military, you may find yourself far away from home using unsecured public Wi-Fi and other unknown networks. When you access the Internet on these networks, you are at risk of exposing personal information to anyone snooping on or intercepting your connection. That means information like personal email communications, bank account details and your location may be at risk. A military VPN like VyprVPN encrypts your Internet connection to keep your data private while you are serving in the army abroad.

  • Connection to public Wi-Fi hotspots can expose your personal information to 3rd parties.

    Without a VPN Your ISP sees:

    • The websites you are visiting
    • The videos you are watching
    • Who you email and instant message
    • Your downloads and uploads
    • Your IP address, revealing your location
  • VyprVPN encrypts your Internet connection and keeps your data private.

    With VyprVPN your ISP only sees:

    • Encrypted VyprVPN traffic
    • No website URLs, videos, emails, IMs or downloads

Unblock Websites with a VPN for Military

While serving in the military, you may find yourself far away from home. Military service members frequently find that websites including news sites, social media sites, and popular communications platforms and video conferencing services are blocked. This can be due to geographic restrictions or censorship imposed by the government. Improve your experience with a VPN for military. With VyprVPN you can bypass location-based blocks and censorship to access an unrestricted Internet.

How it Works

Websites are blocked in China, Russia, Iran and other countries.

Websites are blocked

A country blocks your favorite website or social media site by detecting your IP address and location.

Connect Server

Connect to VyprVPN

Choose your server from 70+ locations worldwide, and tap connect to change your IP location with VyprVPN.

Access your favorite websites without being blocked because of IP location.

Websites are Unblocked

With VyprVPN connected, your true location is hidden so you can access your favorite websites.

Worldwide VPN Server Locations

Without a VPN, you risk losing access to your favorite websites and web services when you serve in the military. At Golden Frog, we strive to provide an open, secure Internet while retaining user privacy. With 200,000+ IP addresses and 700+ servers, connections are always available. Select a server and connect at anytime, without download caps.